Women's Rights Activists Speak Out Amid Ray Rice Domestic-Abuse Allegations
Animal Rights Activists Warn Public About Toxic Pet Treats Made In ChinaThe FDA has been unable to establish what was causing the pets to die and develop kidney-related problems.
Immigration Activists Take Part In Local Marches, Rallies For 'National Day Of Action'Immigrant-rights groups are taking part in a series of events Wednesday to call attention to the national immigration reform debate.
Activists To Deliver 50,000 Signatures To Suspend Pot Dispensary BanA citywide ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles could be suspended on Wednesday even before it takes effect.
Demonstration Held In LA Over Shooting Death Of Florida TeenPublic outcry over the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin intensified in Los Angeles Monday night with a large protest outside City Hall.
Activists Camp Out To Support Riverside Family Facing EvictionActivists are camping out to support a family facing eviction from their foreclosed home. Former marine Arturo de los Santos and his family could be evicted from their home any time after 6:01 a.m. Tuesday.
WeHo Observes Transgender Day Of RemembranceMembers of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community are expected to gather in West Hollywood Sunday for the 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance.
Retire The Ronald? Activists Push McDonald's To Dump ClownA group of health activists are calling on McDonald's shareholders to give the boot to the world's most famous clown.
Neo-Nazi, Immigrant Rallies Clash In Claremont; No InjuriesHundreds of immigration rights activists sought to overshadow a neo-Nazi rally against illegal immigration this weekend in Claremont.
Local Union Activists To Fight For Bargaining Rights In WisconsinRoughly 160 union activists are traveling to Wisconsin Wednesday to support government employees who are fighting to keep their collective bargaining rights.
Activists Target Sled Rides After Dog DeathsThe slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Canada has re-energized efforts by some animal activists to ban or boycott dog sled rides, a popular activity among tourists in many winter vacation spots, from New England to Minnesota to Alaska.