Mental Health Expert Discusses Stress Factors Tied To Reopening PlansAs the state reopens, some people are finding the thought of returning to normal harder to cope with than being in lockdown.
California Workers Still Waiting For Unemployment BenefitsCalifornia's unemployment department reported Thursday that it has paid out more than $26 billion in benefits since the pandemic hit, but many say they are still waiting for their money.
GoFundMe Created For 81-Year-Old Dr. Martens Store Owner After Looters Stole Inventory, Building Caught FireA Fairfax District Dr. Martins store, popular with celebrities like Halle Berry and Sylvester Stallone, was gutted by fire, believed to have been set by looters.
Orange County Sees Uptick In 'Community Transmission' Of COVID-19 After Stay-At-Home Orders Were RelaxedOrange County's chief health officer announced Thursday that there has been an uptick in "community transmission'' of the coronavirus since stay-at-home orders have been relaxed.
LASD Reports 297 Employees, 1,982 Inmates Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 Since Pandemic BeganThe Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reported Wednesday that 297 employees and 1,982 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began.
'This Is Not A Day Off': Millions Show Support By Participating In #BlackoutTuesday, But Many Say Sharing Image Cannot Be Ending PointMany businesses that participated in the blackout promised continued action, like offering mental health services to employees or donating the day's wages to Black causes.
2 On Your Side: Stimulus Check Goes Missing In The MailMichael and Kristine Pescasio thought they were doing everything right.
Citadel Outlets Reopens Its Doors To Shoppers Starting Thursday With New Safety MeasuresStores have been asked to limit the number of guests in stores, create one-way aisles, offer contactless payment methods and implement frequent cleaning routines.
Businesses Want To Reopen But Will Staff Want To Return? Restaurant Owner Says Some Employees Are Hesitant After Making More Money On UnemploymentA Ventura County restaurant owner said he is having a hard time getting back to business because nearly half of his staff doesn't want to return to work.
Man Finally Receives Unemployment Benefits After Calling EDD Thousands Of Times, Emailing Labor SecretaryOne morning, in a two-hour period, Mike Hardy of San Pedro said he called EDD nearly 400 times and has the screenshots to prove it.
'I Was Shocked': Utility Companies Continue To Charge Businesses For Fees Even As They Remain ClosedSome business owners have been shocked by the utility bills they have received while remaining closed during the coronavirus pandemic.