2 On Your Side: Latest EDD Scam Targeting Out-Of-State Residents Via TextCalifornia EDD fraudsters have already stolen an estimated $11 billion in unemployment benefits from the state, and now there's a new scam targeting out-of-state residents via text message.
International Fraud Ring Steals Billions In EDD Money From CaliforniaExperts say a large portion of the fraud against EDD has been perpetrated by a very sophisticated and organized criminal ring based out of Nigeria.
Some Homeowners Say They're Victims Of Eviction Moratorium Rules As LA County Considers ExtensionThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is expected to consider extending the county's eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of the month on Tuesday, but some homeowners say they have been the unintended victims of the well-intentioned law.
City Of Compton Accused Of Squandering Thousands Of Dollars In COVID ReliefThe city spent more than $35,000 on customized "Made in Compton" face masks.
2 On Your Side: Tracking Pixels Could Be Collecting Your Data Every Time You Open An EmailTracking pixels are tiny, hidden single-pixel images embedded in emails. And once those images are downloaded by an email client, they send information back to the email's sender.
Childcare Crisis: Pandemic Closures Cause Economic Ripple EffectIn the past 14 months, more than 8,500 California childcare centers have permanently closed, taking with them thousands of spots for people who need care.
Inside The Mind Of A Hoarder: 'We Are Isolated. We Are Shunned.'A study done in 2018 found that there is more public stigma for people who hoard than for those who are in jail or those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness like schizophrenia.
'We Can't Live Like This': Junk Returns To Yard Of Granada Hills HomeAfter what neighbors described as a few "blissful weeks" of looking at a clean yard in front of a Bircher Street home in Granada Hills, junk has once again started to accumulate.
'How Is That My Fault': EDD Says Some Californians Need To Pay Back Thousands In OverpaymentsSeveral self-employed Californians who input their gross income when they originally applied for benefits in the spring of 2020 are now being told by EDD that they needed to list their net income, leaving some on the hook for thousands of dollars.
Granada Hills House Junk Removal: 'Hoarders' TV Show, City, LAPD Get Involved As Junk Is Removed From Yard Of HomeSaturday, a cleanup that neighbors had been asking about for years was finally wrapping up as residents of a Granada Hills neighborhood feared for their safety and property values due to an apparent junkyard that had taken over one home's yard.
Travelers Running Into Problems With Redeeming Airline CreditsThe coronavirus pandemic caused travel plans to be canceled in 2020, but now rebooking in 2021 has also proved difficult for some.