Recovering COVID Patients Face Massive Medical Bills After HospitalizationThe federal CARES Act did establish a provider relief fund worth more than $150 billion. But it's only for those who are uninsured.
Vaccine Line Jumpers Heading Out To Hard-Hit Communities, Improperly Using Access Codes To Get Vaccinated FasterShortly after officials in Los Angeles County planned an effort to get vaccines out to people in underserved communities, the system is being abused.
Women Advised To Get Mammograms Before Getting COVID Vaccine Or Wait At Least 4 Weeks AfterWomen who recently got the COVID vaccine are being told it could affect their mammogram results.
'I Feel Pretty Alone Right Now': Residents Over 65 That Are Homebound Are Struggling To Get VaccinatedCalifornia has now given out more than eight million COVID vaccines, but those who qualify to receive a shot but are homebound say they have been left behind.
LA County: Northridge Hospital Violated Tier System By Vaccinating Teachers, School StaffThe Los Angeles County Department of Public Health says Northridge Hospital violated the county's tier system by vaccinating teachers against coronavirus before officials deemed them eligible.
Is New EDD Identity Verification Process Causing More Problems For Victims Of Fraud?CBS2 investigator Kristine Lazar is the first local reporter to expose widespread fraud in our area and has the latest controversy.
North Hollywood Private School Staff Receive First Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine, Prompting QuestionsThe Wesley School, a private school in North Hollywood, sent an email to its parents that all employees who wanted to receive a COVID-19 vaccine were able to get their first dose "through a special program for essential workers and educators."
Experts Weigh In On How To Go About Day-To-Day After Receiving Coronavirus VaccineWith Los Angeles County giving out just second doses of the coronavirus vaccine this week, thousands of local people 65 and older will soon be fully vaccinated against the virus.
Ralphs Postpones Vaccination Appointments After LA County Pulls DosesRalphs Pharmacy has postponed upcoming COVID-19 vaccine appointments at its Los Angeles County pharmacies after the Department of Public Health took back thousands of doses intended to go to the grocery store chain.
LA City, County Face Shortage Of COVID Vaccine AppointmentsWe have heard from person after person who cannot secure an appointment for their second dose of the vaccine through the city or county vaccination site.
OC EDD Fraud: Garden Grove Storefront Created In 1 Case, Convicted Murderers Recruited To File Bogus Claims In 2 OthersThe prisoners were charged along with two business owners who were accused of opening a Garden Grove storefront for the purpose of filing false unemployment claims for people who did not qualify.