• 2019 Celebrity Deaths
  1. BH says:

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Smooshing one’s breasts together and making them look
    like inflated water balloons is NOT attractive.

  2. cwalker says:

    It looks like shes nesting two ostrich eggs.

  3. mec1940 says:

    Holy Cow!!! Did Christina Hendricks use basketballs for implants?

  4. mojo says:

    Never mind water balloons they look more like cantaloupes. Yuk, how does one find that attractive, all BOOBS and no neck or body

  5. dino E says:

    are those giant boobs real? If so, very nice.

  6. Leslie says:

    I don’t think breasts that huge look that good. She kinda looks deformed!

  7. Dee says:

    Looking at Christina Hendricks. YUCK!!! Those implants are too big, too squished and too exposed. She really looks rather freakish. Oh and can she get a spray tan? The glare hurts my eyes! Who is she anyway?

  8. Robert Sciolino says:

    The only reason I share this is because I know exactly three of these people. The rest of them I have never seen or heard of…I mean NEVER! I love being so out of the celebrity loop!

  9. Joe says:

    I only recognized 11 of them! THOSE were the newest ‘celebrities’? What a bunch of nobodies! Most of the ladies should qualify to be in the local dog show as most of them are just plain PLAIN JANES!