Crystal Cruz (CBS)

Reporter Crystal Cruz asks a lot of questions and always has. Her family and friends aren’t surprised she’s made a career out of searching for answers.

Cruz’s love for storytelling has taken her across the country and back.  She’s reported for CBS46 in Atlanta, 3TV in Phoenix, KGTV10 in San Diego, KMIR6 in Palm Springs and joined KCAL/KCBS in 2013.

She’s covered a wide range of stories, including the tragic deaths of 19 Arizona fire fighters, the infamous Jodi Arias murder trial and Georgia’s deadly tornadoes in 2011.

Cruz has also covered the San Bernadino mass shooting, deadly Montecito mudslides, all seven World Series games in 2017 and the Royal Wedding in 2018.

She has also interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Kobe Bryant and Melissa McCarthy, to name a few.

Cruz is always looking for a story that makes the viewers feel something and strives to tell memorable stories daily.

The California native graduated in 2005 with a degree in psychology from UC Irvine.  Since then she’s traveled to Australia, Thailand, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Amsterdam, France, Croatia, London, Italy, Toronto, Vancouver, Tulum, Switzerland, Costa Rica and has stopped in most major cities across the United States.

The huge country music fan enjoyed living in the south and visiting Nashville, but SoCal is where Cruz has always wanted to call home. Her family lives in San Diego and Palm Springs.

When she’s not reporting, Cruz is digging through antique stores for vintage cameras. Over the years she’s picked up more than 30 video and still cameras.

She loves all things vintage including her 15-year-old rescue Beagle named Georgie.

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