“Driven to Gridlock: L.A.’s Never-Ending Sig Alert” to air March 27

PrintKNX 1070 NEWSRADIO will present a comprehensive and unprecedented examination of Southern California’s infamous traffic congestion that often turns the region’s freeways and streets into a continuum of parking lots. The day-long series entitled, “Driven to Gridlock: L.A.’s Never-Ending Sig Alert,” will air on Thursday, March 27 from 5:00am – 7:00pm exclusively on KNX 1070 and

From Red Car Trolleys to cars that drive themselves, producers Charles Feldman and Laraine Herman, along with KNX 1070’s award-winning news staff, will explore the past, present and future of SoCal’s traffic situation with help from urban planners, civic leaders, technology experts, law enforcement and commuters.

Among the topics to be covered in 26 special reports will be the evolution of our region’s car culture; why traffic congestion will likely worsen before it improves; the future of mass transit; the financial impact of traffic jams on business; coping with an aging infrastructure and growing population; the impact of past ‘solutions’ such as signal synchronization, car pool lanes, ridesharing, and toll lanes; and more-recent ideas like congestion pricing popular in Europe and flexible work schedules.

“We’ll be looking in-depth at the countless ideas that have been tried over more than a century and the radical proposals that are currently under consideration,” Feldman said. “But the biggest question we’ll try to answer is whether anything will significantly alleviate the most important local issue faced by Southern Californians.”

To answer that question eight KNX reporters have conducted more than 50 interviews with representatives from the California Highway Patrol, the California and Los Angeles Departments of Transportation, Metrolink, the Orange County Transportation Authority, the Automobile Club of Southern California, the RAND Corporation and others. The discussion will also feature an ace driving instructor and input from drivers, bicyclists and users of mass transit.

Podcasts and companion stories will be posted here and you can join the conversation on social media using #KNXTrafficLA.