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Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines watching your kids play sports? Parents spend a lot of time carting their kids around week after week to soccer practices, gymnastics classes, football, baseball, etc. This constant shuffling as a taxi driver can easily make a parent feel like they are watching their child grow up through a window of their world.

If you would like to open that window and climb into your child’s world to play with them, to laugh with them and share the same experiences, then continue reading – after all, the best part of being a parent is getting a golden ticket to be a kid again.

We created a list of some of the best ideas for family friendly activities where parents and children can spend time together, exercise and have fun.

Family Yoga

Twister was always a fun interactive game growing up. Trying to place the right hand on red and the left on blue was always a challenge if the left foot was already on green. Treat your kids to a game of Twister Yoga style at one of these family friendly yoga centers. It’s a healthier way to bend and stretch together bringing the family center while mixing in giggles with names of poses like Downward Facing Dog.

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Try out the “Welcome to Yoga” class, for students of all levels. If your family hasn’t found their Om, then it’s time to sign up. Flipside Yoga Studio offers a welcoming environment, with pop/rock music for the laid-back yogi. This is a great starter class for those interested in opening up their horizons or may be too nervous to try “serious” yoga. You and the kids will laugh and learn together, and most of all, have fun. Check out Flipside Yoga’s website for a list of all their family friendly yoga classes. Reservation Required. Rsvp to Megan@flipsideyoga.com

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Families with children from ages 3 to 12 can act like animals in this animal and nature themed yoga class. This class designed to practice yoga with fun postures mixed in with dance and songs to help kids express their “unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gifts.” Families can lean teamwork through partner poses and group meditations. A cool part of this class is the kids can name and teach their own yoga poses to the class to develop leadership skills and confidence.

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Spend a weekend morning with your family practicing yoga amid the vineyards at Weins Family Cellar, led by Harmony Art and Yoga Studio http://harmonyartandyoga.net/home.html. Rain or shine …the practice consists of traditional Yoga postures, (power flow & balance), along with mat Pilates, & resistance training using light weights. Ken Merced performs live acoustic music . This is a great way to make a visit to wine country a family affair.
Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Roller Skating

Roller skating is the most fun a person can have on eight wheels! Parents’ transport your kids back 20 plus years to the age when tight fitting Jordache Jeans and fitted t-shirts were in style. Roller skating is a great way to get out and burn some calories under multi-colored lights flashing to music. Kids of all ages will love laughing at or with you if you fall on your bum showing off your former teenage stunts. If you don’t have a roller skating rink near you, lace up some skates and start rolling down the paved paths at local parks and enjoy the California sunshine.

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Get in shape in a fun, friendly and worry-free environment. The whole family can lose weight, listen to great music and have loads of fun at the same time by visit the Orange County’s most exciting skating rink. Check the schedule online for days and times for family fitness days.

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A traditional roller skating rink with certain days and times set aside for parents to skate with their kids 12 and under. See the website for the weekly schedule update. Families can even reserve a private party if they prefer.

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Skate Express Is one of the largest indoor roller skating rinks in the Inland Empire. Parents and kids can choose their favorite type of skate to roll on either the traditional four wheels or modern roller blading. With a 24,000 square foot facility families have plenty of space to work out to the latest DJ music.

Bike Riding

Riding bikes is a great way to be a kid again while spending time exercising with your kids. In Southern California there are so many fun and exciting places to bike that every week you can have a different adventure. Families can coast along the beach through coastal towns , in local parks or on scenic wilderness bike trails away from street traffic. We found a mix of fun places to bike for families.

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The South Bay Bike Trail

From Will Rogers State Beach
17700 Pacific Coast Highway
Los Angeles, CA
To Torrance County Beach
389 Paseo De La Playa
Redondo Beach, CA

On the weekends this popular bike path gets crowded so if you can, try to come during the week. If you don’t have a bike that’s ok you can rent them at one of the local bike rental shops, then start riding as far as your family can go. The path is 22 miles long north towards Malibu and south to Torrance – and is the longest beach path of its kind in the world. It has beautiful scenery, lots of beach, piers and other sights to check out. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island in the distance. When the kids get tired stop and picnic on the beach.

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Teens and tweens are always challenging their parents so get those kids on a mountain bike and challenge them back by seeing who can make it up and down the terrain at El Moro Canyon, in Crystal Cove State Park. This park contains lush, sycamore-shaded canyons and high ridges offering views of the Pacific Ocean which create a spectacular environment for mountain biking.

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Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail

Central Park – 11200 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Ellena Park – 7139 Kenyon Way, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Red Hill Park – 7484 Vineyard Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
(909) 477-2700
More Info

This is a great commuter and recreation trail in western San Bernardino valley, with expansive views and connections to community centers and parks. Take your family out on this easy to ride bike trail and teach your children a little history at the same time. The trail follows the old Pacific Electric Railway, known for its red cars. One of its last remaining railway depots along the San Bernardino line is in Rancho Cucamonga on Etiwanda Avenue, where the avenue intersects the trail. As of January 2012 the PET is now completely open from its westerly start in Claremont to its easterly end on Maple in Fontana near Rialto. While amenities along the trail, like the new park on Foothill in Rancho Cucamonga, are still being completed, the existing parks and businesses along the trail provide adequate amenities.

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