'Gotta Go Out West': High School Seniors Convert School Bus Into RV For Post-Pandemic Cross-Country Road TripAfter being stuck at home for most of the school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two high school students in Pennsylvania had an overwhelming desire to get out and explore the country.
New Breath Sensor Technology Supported By Automakers Promises To Stop Drunk Driving Before It BeginsThe Fourth of July is one of the deadliest days of the year for alcohol-related crashes. But new technology promises to stop drunk driving before it begins.
Workshops For Warriors Helps Veterans Transition To Advanced Civilian Manufacturing JobsTransitioning out of the military and into civilian life isn't easy. But Workshops for Warriors is making a significant difference in the lives of veterans.
Researchers Use New Tools To Measure Impact Of Underwater Noise From Smaller Vessels On Whales In San Francisco BayResearchers are using cutting edge software to figure out how boats could be harming whales that enter the San Francisco Bay to forage for food, rest or to mate.
Futuristic 'Iron Man' Jet Suits Tested By Royal Navy For 'Super Fast' Maritime Boarding OperationsBritish soldiers are flying into the future, teaming up with a tech company to test a real life "Iron Man" jet suit.
'Zoom Fatigue' Is Real And Even Worse For Women, Stanford University Researchers FindIf spending hours on video calls for school or work has you feeling a bit tired, you may be suffering from "Zoom fatigue." But researchers say there are ways to get out of that virtual funk.
What Parents Should Know Before Letting Teens Trade Stocks With Fidelity's No-Fee 'Youth Account'Fidelity Investments is joining a growing list of investment groups allowing teens to trade stocks.
'It's Really Realistic': French Artist JR Creates Optical Illusion Of Cliffs Below Eiffel TowerCliffs below the Eiffel Tower? French contemporary artist JR has created the optical illusion that the Eiffel Tower is perched precariously over a rocky ravine.
Twins Graduate As This High School's First Co-ValedictoriansThis year's co-valedictorians at a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have a lot in common -- they share the same birth date and parents. Yes, they're twins!
'I'm So Lucky': Computer Science Student At UC Berkeley Teaches Young Women In Her Native Uganda How To CodeA student who is getting her masters degree in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley took on a side project during the pandemic lockdown to benefit young women in her native Uganda.
Students Unleash Technology To Tackle Real-World Problems For Samsung’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ CompetitionThe coronavirus pandemic kept most students at home and online for more than a year, but it also inspired many to unleash technology on the problems in their communities.