Researchers Use New Tools To Measure Impact Of Underwater Noise From Smaller Vessels On Whales In San Francisco BayResearchers are using cutting edge software to figure out how boats could be harming whales that enter the San Francisco Bay to forage for food, rest or to mate.
11-Year-Old Girl Plays Live Music For ‘Lonely’ Zoo Animals As Visitor Numbers Plummet During PandemicAs Thailand grapples with a third wave of coronavirus, visitors to the Khao Kheow Open Zoo have become far and few. But an 11-year-old musician dressed in an alligator suit is trying to fill the void.
Fewer Students Pursue Education As Career Path As Pandemic Exacerbates Teacher ShortageAmerica’s students are returning to school following the coronavirus pandemic, but in many cases, there won’t be enough teachers joining them.
'Zoom Fatigue' Is Real And Even Worse For Women, Stanford University Researchers FindIf spending hours on video calls for school or work has you feeling a bit tired, you may be suffering from "Zoom fatigue." But researchers say there are ways to get out of that virtual funk.
Farmers Adopt 'Climate Smart' Techniques To Improve Productivity: 'The Opportunities Are Endless'Farmers are often the first to feel the impact of severe weather and climate change but many are starting to fight back from the ground up.
Twins Graduate As This High School's First Co-ValedictoriansThis year's co-valedictorians at a high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have a lot in common -- they share the same birth date and parents. Yes, they're twins!
'Humble' 16-Year-Old Accepted To 14 Colleges With $1.6M In Scholarships Makes Big DecisionA 16-year-old in Washington, D.C., who is graduating high school early has already decided what college he'll be attending this fall.
'It Was Pretty Hard': Space Simulation Studies Effects Of Pandemic On Mental HealthA team of researchers have simulated life on the Moon to try and understand the impact of the pandemic's quarantines and social restrictions.
HEPA Filtration Units Deployed To Detect Coronavirus At Some Northern California SchoolsA pilot project utilizing portable high-efficiency particulate absorbing filtration units to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus in classrooms has already yielded results at two Northern California schools.
Student Team Preps For NASA CubeSat Program With Balloon LaunchA team of middle and high school students in Nebraska are working with NASA on a cube satellite project designed to improve the generation of electricity from sunlight
Girl Scout Cookies Take Flight With 'Pretty Awesome' Drone Deliveries To Offset Coronavirus Sales SlumpThe Girl Scouts are reaching for the sky to deliver their popular cookies during the coronavirus pandemic.