Researchers Offer Tips On How To 'Disaster Proof' Homes During Fire And Hurricane SeasonsWildfires continue to rage in the western half of the country and hurricane season has already caused widespread devastation from the Gulf Coast to the Eastern Seaboard. But researchers say there are ways to protect homes before disaster strikes.
New App Uses AI To Track Your Cat's Health And Mood Using Facial Recognition TechnologyWant to know how your cat is feeling? There's now an app for that.
Stanford Researchers 'Developing A Digital Athlete’ To Take Fitness To Whole New LevelScientists in the Bay Area are using technology on real people to develop what they call "The Digital Athlete," saying their work could improve the health of the entire world.
University Students Search For Creative Ways To Repurpose Plexiglass Barriers As Pandemic WanesAs the number of coronavirus cases continue to decline, the days may be numbered for those plexiglass barriers you see just about everywhere. But some students at Iowa State University are coming up with creative ways to keep them out of landfills.
Scientists Develop Smart Shoe That Helps Blind People Avoid Obstacles And Escape 'Nasty Bruises'Computer scientists have created a smart shoe that helps blind and visually impaired people avoid multiple obstacles.
Retired Science Teacher Writes Books To Leave Enduring Legacy To His GrandchildrenA retired science teacher who has a passion for stories says he was inspired to write and publish his own books while playing on the swing set with his grandson.
Scientists Discover Humpback Whales Singing In Waters Far North From Usual Breeding GroundsHumpback whale sightings have increased recently in the waters off New York City. And now for the first time, scientists have proof these animals are singing in the area, not just in their Caribbean breeding grounds.
Researchers Use New Tools To Measure Impact Of Underwater Noise From Smaller Vessels On Whales In San Francisco BayResearchers are using cutting edge software to figure out how boats could be harming whales that enter the San Francisco Bay to forage for food, rest or to mate.
11-Year-Old Girl Plays Live Music For ‘Lonely’ Zoo Animals As Visitor Numbers Plummet During PandemicAs Thailand grapples with a third wave of coronavirus, visitors to the Khao Kheow Open Zoo have become far and few. But an 11-year-old musician dressed in an alligator suit is trying to fill the void.
Fewer Students Pursue Education As Career Path As Pandemic Exacerbates Teacher ShortageAmerica’s students are returning to school following the coronavirus pandemic, but in many cases, there won’t be enough teachers joining them.
'Zoom Fatigue' Is Real And Even Worse For Women, Stanford University Researchers FindIf spending hours on video calls for school or work has you feeling a bit tired, you may be suffering from "Zoom fatigue." But researchers say there are ways to get out of that virtual funk.