What Parents Should Know Before Letting Teens Trade Stocks With Fidelity's No-Fee 'Youth Account'Fidelity Investments is joining a growing list of investment groups allowing teens to trade stocks.
‘It’s Pretty Special’: Three Sets Of Triplets Graduating From Same High School Prepare For Next StepsTalk about pomp and circumstance! Three sets of triplets graduated this year from the same high school senior class in Texas.
Listen: Scientists Create Music By Turning Spider Webs Into Harp-Like Virtual InstrumentScientists have translated spider webs into music, creating an eerie harp-like soundtrack that could help them better understand how the arachnids communicate as they spin their complex creations and may lead to advanced 3D printing techniques.
It's 'Really Cool': Grandson And Grandmother Graduate From College TogetherTwo new graduates share a special bond that goes beyond studying together. Keith Taylor and his grandmother, Rosecedar Byrd, both received their diplomas from Indiana University South Bend at the same commencement ceremony.
New Google Search Tools Designed To Help Students Meet Challenges Of Remote LearningGoogle is offering new science-based educational features to its search engine to help students trying to tackle homework remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kaleidoscope-Like Art Show Uses Fractals To Immerse Viewers In 'Totally New Dimension'A spectacular new art exhibit that combines light, sound and mathematics to create a kaleidoscope-like experience promises to take visitors into another dimension.
88-Year-Old Math Tutor Says Teaching Kids On Social Media During Pandemic Is 'A Wonderful Experience'When the COVID-19 pandemic forced most schools to close in-person learning, an 88-year-old math teacher and tutor stepped up to the plate to help families around the world.
Student Inspired To Learn History By Creating Rubik's Cube Mosaic Of Anne FrankThe Rubik’s Cube has been puzzling people for decades. But when a Wisconsin high school student spotted one in his school’s library, he learned an impressive skill and a little history along the way.
Study Finds Students Falling Behind More In Math Than In Reading During COVID PandemicMath scores for elementary and middle school students are significantly down since the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to abruptly switch to remote learning in March, according to a testing nonprofit.
Young Man Recovers From Head Injury To Become 'World's Fastest Human Calculator'A young man who suffered a fractured skull at age 5 has grown up to become the "world's fastest human calculator."
STEAM: Discarded Masks Used To Create Eco-Friendly Surfboards At Torrance CompanyThe "zero-waste initiative" surfboard makers focus on collecting, compacting, condensing and then glossing the protective gear into surfboards that reduce the presence of masks in landfills.