New Breath Sensor Technology Supported By Automakers Promises To Stop Drunk Driving Before It BeginsThe Fourth of July is one of the deadliest days of the year for alcohol-related crashes. But new technology promises to stop drunk driving before it begins.
Workshops For Warriors Helps Veterans Transition To Advanced Civilian Manufacturing JobsTransitioning out of the military and into civilian life isn't easy. But Workshops for Warriors is making a significant difference in the lives of veterans.
Futuristic 'Iron Man' Jet Suits Tested By Royal Navy For 'Super Fast' Maritime Boarding OperationsBritish soldiers are flying into the future, teaming up with a tech company to test a real life "Iron Man" jet suit.
'The World Needs Love': Second Grader Breaks The Mold With Bright And Cheerful Art Design For Police CarA second grader in Central Pennsylvania who helped design a police department's newest ride says she's hoping to bring some happiness to the streets.
‘It’s Pretty Special’: Three Sets Of Triplets Graduating From Same High School Prepare For Next StepsTalk about pomp and circumstance! Three sets of triplets graduated this year from the same high school senior class in Texas.
Students Unleash Technology To Tackle Real-World Problems For Samsung’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ CompetitionThe coronavirus pandemic kept most students at home and online for more than a year, but it also inspired many to unleash technology on the problems in their communities.
Architecture Students Convert Storage Containers Into Tiny Homes For Homeless Families During PandemicSome college students in Kansas managed to overcome the challenges of a global pandemic to do something extraordinary -- make new homes for those in need.
'It Was Pretty Hard': Space Simulation Studies Effects Of Pandemic On Mental HealthA team of researchers have simulated life on the Moon to try and understand the impact of the pandemic's quarantines and social restrictions.
12-Year-Old Boy Set To Graduate From High School And College In The Same Week 'Having The Time Of My Life'A 12-year-old boy in North Carolina who used the downtime he had during the pandemic to take on a few extra classes is getting ready to graduate from both high school and college — in the same week.
Student Team Preps For NASA CubeSat Program With Balloon LaunchA team of middle and high school students in Nebraska are working with NASA on a cube satellite project designed to improve the generation of electricity from sunlight
What'll It Be? Robot Bartender 'Barney' Can Mix Dozens Of Cocktails, Tell Bad JokesA Swiss robotics company says it's invented a fully automated bartender that can mix dozens of cocktails and even make terrible jokes.