'It's A Very Special Experience': Design Student Uses 'Sonic Seasoning' To Enhance Food FlavorAn art student in England is making music with food, inspired by watching Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) cooking videos.
'It Takes A Changing Tide': Artist Transforms Beach Trash Into TreasureA Massachusetts artist has found a creative way to clean up the beach. While her artwork is stunning, the sad fact is she has no shortage of raw material.
Retired Science Teacher Writes Books To Leave Enduring Legacy To His GrandchildrenA retired science teacher who has a passion for stories says he was inspired to write and publish his own books while playing on the swing set with his grandson.
11-Year-Old Girl Plays Live Music For ‘Lonely’ Zoo Animals As Visitor Numbers Plummet During PandemicAs Thailand grapples with a third wave of coronavirus, visitors to the Khao Kheow Open Zoo have become far and few. But an 11-year-old musician dressed in an alligator suit is trying to fill the void.
'The World Needs Love': Second Grader Breaks The Mold With Bright And Cheerful Art Design For Police CarA second grader in Central Pennsylvania who helped design a police department's newest ride says she's hoping to bring some happiness to the streets.
'It's Really Realistic': French Artist JR Creates Optical Illusion Of Cliffs Below Eiffel TowerCliffs below the Eiffel Tower? French contemporary artist JR has created the optical illusion that the Eiffel Tower is perched precariously over a rocky ravine.
'That's Pretty Cool': Artist's Painting Among Creative Works Headed To The MoonWhen artist Kara Lasiewicz applied to be part of the latest exhibit at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art in Wausau, Wisconsin, she had no idea that her work would end up at a place like the moon.
'It Offers Sanity': Artist Lucy Sparrow Creates Faux Pharmacy With 15,000 Items Made Entirely From FeltA new pharmacy that's opened in London includes everything from cold medicines and health products to coronavirus test kits and vaccines. But it's all made entirely from felt.
'I Like A Mystery': Artist Who Anonymously Left Small Metal Sculptures In Park For Years Finally Reveals HimselfSomeone's been leaving small metal sculptures in a park in Madison, Wisconsin, for years. But finally, the mystery has been solved.
Teen Climate Activist Creates 'Trashion' Shows From Garbage To Send A MessageA 15-year-old eco-warrior is making a splash in Lagos with her "Trashion Show," where models strut down the catwalk wearing outfits made by items we would normally throw in the garbage.
Listen: Scientists Create Music By Turning Spider Webs Into Harp-Like Virtual InstrumentScientists have translated spider webs into music, creating an eerie harp-like soundtrack that could help them better understand how the arachnids communicate as they spin their complex creations and may lead to advanced 3D printing techniques.