New Tips Every Wednesday

Pro Tips: The Arnold PalmerThe 19th Hole is everyone's favorite hangout after a round of golf. For this week's Pro Tip, Jim Hill learns how to make the perfect Arnold Palmer - the finest refreshment after finishing your round
Pro Tips: Post-Round RelaxationSo many of us hit the golf course for 4+ hours only to be sore for the next 4+ days! For this week's Pro Tip, Jim Hill went to see an expert who shared exactly what we should all do after a round of golf to keep the pain at bay
Pro Tips: The Mature GolferWhile golf is a game that lasts a lifetime, playing into your 70s & 80s could bring lack of mobility or pain. Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang shows Jim Hill how a more mature golfer can get around those roadblocks and still enjoy time out on the course
Pro Tips: The Phil FlopPhil's a Lefty, Jim Hill's a Lefty, so why not have Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang teach Jim and us how to pull off the famous Phil Flop shot as this week's Pro Tip!
Pro Tips: Losing the Slice... in the Kitchen?!Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang uses the help of his pal, Executive Chef Andre Pinto, in helping Jim Hill correct his slice off the tee. It's amazing how similar the form is when cooking and swinging in this week's Pro Tips segment
Pro Tips: Kids Golf InstructionKids golf is booming ever since the pandemic shut down team sports for a time last year. Not only is it affordable and outdoors, but Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang takes us through how he also has fun with the kids as he teaches
Pro Tips: Bilingual Instructor Aimee ChoAimee Cho has taken over the YouTube space as a bilingual golf instructor, doing identical instructional videos in both English & Korean. Jim Hill met with Aimee out on the course to talk about her success and even hit a ball or two
Pro Tips: Hitting Out of Tall GrassFor the most part, pros make hitting out of the rough look easy. Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang says amateurs should be able to make it look easy too. Here he teaches Jim Hill how to effectively get out of the tall grass with confidence
Pro Tips: Navigating Unexpected HazardsWhat do you do if there is a tree in the middle of the fairway? Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang teaches Jim Hill the risk-reward factor and how to properly work your way around unexpected hazards and onto the green in two
Pro Tips: Bogey BrothasThe Bogey Brothas are an internet sensation when it comes to having fun on the course. On this week's Pro Tips, Jim Hill plays a couple holes with the local golf influencers to get a good sense of their skill and style
Pro Tips: Chip & RollDirector of Golf Instruction Randy Chang walks Jim Hill thru a drill designed to help you chip to a certain spot and have the ball roll to the cup in this edition of Pro Tips
Pro Tips: Hitting While Sitting70-80% of your distance can be created just by properly creating speed with your wrists. Director of Golf Instruction Randy Chang walks... well, sits... Jim Hill through this drill that can help you gain extra distance off the tee
Pro Tips: Course CourtesyNothing worse than a slow group playing in front of you on a golf course. On this week's Pro Tips, Director of Golf Peter Wininger helps us to not BE that slow group with some common course courtesy tips to keep you moving and having fun on the links
Pro Tips: Chipping from Tall Grass & FringeYour strokes 20 yards and in matter and Director of Golf Peter Wininger leads Jim Hill through some instruction on how to effectively chip from the tall grass and also the fringe. This week's Pro Tips segment takes place at the green on Oaks #9 at Temecula Creek Golf Club