Featured Pets

Pets2Love: ApacheThis week's Pets2Love is Apache! He's a 3-month-old German shepherd mix with a lot of energy. He is expected to grow to be at lest 40 pound. To adopt Apache, call (213) 785-0214 and ask for ID# A1891985.
Pets2Love: JamesMeet this week's Pets2Love, James! He's a 3-year-old male hound mix. To adopt James, contact SEAACA in Downey at (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 20-04331.
Pets2Love: TaquitoMeet Taquito! He's a 10-year-old chill chihuahua who loves to cuddle, going on car rides and is great with other dogs. To adopt Taquito, call (626) 792-7151 and ask for ID# A482360.
Pets2Love: EeyoreEeyore is a Labrador-American Foxhound mix looking for a forever home.
Pets2Love: IrisMeet Iris, today's Pets2Love! She's a 3-year-old female German Shepherd mix who loves to play. To adopt Iris, call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 20-00954.
Pets2Love: LeoLeo is a 2-month-old tri-colored mix breed. 
Pets2Love: TimmyMeet today's Pets2Love, Timmy! He's a 6-year-old Parson Russell terrier mix who's friendly with both big and small dogs. He is good both on a leash and with being carried, and loves children. To adopt Timmy, call (626) 792-7151 and ask for ID# A425096.
Pets2Love: MaddieToday's Pets2Love is Maddie! She is a 4-year-old American Staffordshire mix who is already housetrained and knows sit, down and roll over. To adopt Maddie, call (805) 388-4345 and ask for ID# A640960.
From Cereal Box To Forever Home: Razz Berry Is AdoptedMany of the 20 families who lost out on Razz decided to adopt other dogs that were available, says John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services.
Pets2Love: Razz BerryMeet Razz Berry! This fluffy puppy was delivered to the shelter in a Captain Crunch cereal box, capturing the hearts of social media users. To adopt Razz Berry, people must go to the Western Riverside County City Animal Shelter in person and ask for ID# A1534625.
Pets2Love: HaileyHailey is a playful, 5-month-old tan-and-white German Shepherd mix.