Featured Pets

Pets2Love: ChachoMeet this week's Pets2Love, Chacho! He is a 6-year-old American bulldog mix who knows basic commands like sit, and loves kids. To adopt Chacho, contact Ventura County Animal Services by calling (805) 388-4341 and ask for ID# A612115.
Pets2Love: MyersMeet Myers, this week's Pets2Love! He's a 2-year-old cocker spaniel who loves other dogs and cats, chilling and warm laps. To adopt him, call (951) 358-7387 and ask for ID# A1548079.
Pets2Love: ApacheThis week's Pets2Love is Apache! He's a 3-month-old German shepherd mix with a lot of energy. He is expected to grow to be at lest 40 pound. To adopt Apache, call (213) 785-0214 and ask for ID# A1891985.
Pets2Love: JamesMeet this week's Pets2Love, James! He's a 3-year-old male hound mix. To adopt James, contact SEAACA in Downey at (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 20-04331.
Pets2Love: TaquitoMeet Taquito! He's a 10-year-old chill chihuahua who loves to cuddle, going on car rides and is great with other dogs. To adopt Taquito, call (626) 792-7151 and ask for ID# A482360.
Pets2Love: EeyoreEeyore is a Labrador-American Foxhound mix looking for a forever home.
Pets2Love: IrisMeet Iris, today's Pets2Love! She's a 3-year-old female German Shepherd mix who loves to play. To adopt Iris, call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 20-00954.
Pets2Love: LeoLeo is a 2-month-old tri-colored mix breed. 
Pets2Love: TimmyMeet today's Pets2Love, Timmy! He's a 6-year-old Parson Russell terrier mix who's friendly with both big and small dogs. He is good both on a leash and with being carried, and loves children. To adopt Timmy, call (626) 792-7151 and ask for ID# A425096.
Pets2Love: MaddieToday's Pets2Love is Maddie! She is a 4-year-old American Staffordshire mix who is already housetrained and knows sit, down and roll over. To adopt Maddie, call (805) 388-4345 and ask for ID# A640960.
From Cereal Box To Forever Home: Razz Berry Is AdoptedMany of the 20 families who lost out on Razz decided to adopt other dogs that were available, says John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services.