Weekly Stories

Veterans' Voices: Soldiers' AngelsPat Harvey reports.
Veterans Voices: Mindful Veteran ProjectA nonprofit helps veterans stay mindful and be all they can be.
Veterans' Voices: Fisher House Provides Room, Board For Families Of Veterans Undergoing Medical TreatmentSince its inception, Fisher House has hosted more than 400,000 families and has provided more than nine million lodging days to families of veterans undergoing medical treatment at nearby facilities.
Veterans' Voices: Navy Vet Creates Unique Art To Give Back To Those Who ServeVeteran Eric Scarlett spent his time in the Navy not only finding his skilled, but finding his self worth. Now, he's using his skills to create unique art and give back to those who serve.
Veterans' Voices: United States Army ReserveFor members of the U.S. Army Reserve, life can change in an instant. We talked to members of the 311th as they prepare for deployment.
Veterans' Voices: Josh Brackett, CEO of SinousiaSee how one Army vet is taking his military experience and using it to change the way we do business.
Veterans' Voices: Staff Sgt. Octavio HuertaMeet a courageous WWII B-17 tail gunner originally from Los Angeles.
On Your Side: Veterans’ Voices SpecialPat Harvey hosts this salute to our military Veterans. We shine a light on the incredible stories of heroism and survival to the slew of issues that Vets face when they come home and the people and programs that offer support.
Veterans' Voices: Tyler GreyThis army veteran fought through pain and found his new dream in Hollywood.
Veterans' Voices: Vinny CicereWhen it comes to self-defense, Vinny Cecere figured out that being smart could be the only thing that can keep you safe. Now he's sharing his skills with our veterans and active military.
Veterans' Voices: Road Warrior FoundationOne group is combining three wheels, fresh air and open roads to help veterans t overcome life's daily challenges.
Veterans' Voices: Julian RiceVeteran Julian Rice remembers the exact day the military became part of his future.
Veterans' Voices: Lt. Col. Harry StewartMillions of Americans stepped up and contributed during WWII, but for people of color, volunteering wasn't as easy as you might think.