Episode 7: The California Supreme CourtThis episode, two years in the making, reveals the California Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling. You'll witness Kimberly’s reaction when she learns if California’s high court will send her back to prison or remove her conviction. In this dramatic episode, we are giving you a chance to hear and see it unfold in a special video presentation... and find out why this is not the final chapter in Kimberly’s story.
Gov. Newsom Reacts To CBSLA's Kimberly Long InvestigationA Corona mother went to prison for a murder she says she didn't commit. Now Gov. Newsom may be getting involved in her case. Randy Paige just talked to the governor about Kimberly Long's case.
Episode 5 Preview: The WaitA young Corona mother who went to prison for a murder she says she did not commit. Her boyfriend was found bludgeoned to death but is Kimberly Long a victim of flawed justice? Randy Paige reports.
Episode 4 Preview: The Experts
Episode 3 Preview: The AppealA convicted killer claims he knows who killed Ozzy Conde and why.
Episode 2 Preview: The ConvictionRandy talks about the trial of Kimberly Long and the powerful evidence the jury never got to see.
Episode 1 Preview: The MurderRandy talks about Kimberly Long and the events leading up and including the murder of Ozzy Conde.
Podcast Preview: Flawed JusticeIt was a murder with no eyewitnesses. No physical evidence. A star witness for the prosecution killed before he could testify, and a jury that didn’t get to see all of the evidence – until now. We invite you to travel with us on this continuing journey - 15 years in the making. Watch the reports, view the case files, listen to our podcast episodes and see how this extraordinary case shows us how flaws in the justice system can impact the lives of ordinary people – people in prison who happen to be innocent, and have no way of convincing a court to set them free.