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Exit Polls: Ongoing Pandemic Most Important Issue For California Recall VotersCBS News exit polls overwhelmingly found that the coronavirus crisis was the most important issue for voters.
Few Voting Issues Reported With California Recall ElectionCalifornians voted to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office on Tuesday, ending a statewide recall election that saw some Republicans again float unfounded claims of voter fraud.
Gov. Gavin Newsom Addresses Recall Election Win From SacramentoLess than an hour after the polls closed Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the media, delivering a speech where he thanked voters and said he wanted to focus on what Californians said "yes" to as a state in the recall election. 
How Did CBS News Project The California Governor Recall Failed?Gov. Gavin Newsom survived a spirited recall effort Tuesday evening, with voters overwhelmingly rejecting the ouster bid in early returns and opting to keep the incumbent in office.
San Diego Challengers, Kevin Faulconer, John Cox, Give Concession Speeches In California Recall ElectionSan Diego-based challengers former mayor Kevin Faulconer and businessman John Cox gave concession speeches Tuesday after victory was declared for Gov. Gavin Newsom in the California recall election. 
Candidates Defeated In Recall Effort Deliver Remarks On Election Results"...we might've lost the battle, but we are going to win the war," top Republican Candidate Larry Elder told a crowd of supporters assembled in Costa Mesa.
Polls Close In California Recall Election, Gov. Newsom Projected WinnerPolls officially closed in California at 8 p.m. Tuesday, where voters cast ballots on whether or not to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Voters were asked to decide if they want to cut his term short and if yes, they could choose one of the 46 contenders challenging him.
Orange County Voter Turnout For Recall Election Estimated At 46% By Mid-Afternoon, With Long Lines Well Into EveningAt voting centers in Orange County, a steady stream of people showed to cast their ballots in the gubernatorial recall election, with at least 50 people in line before lunchtime waiting to cast ballots at city hall.
Larry Elder, Top GOP Recall Candidate, Campaigned On Laundry List Of Grievances Against Governor NewsomElder jumped to the pack of recall candidates since he joined the race in July.
Kevin Paffrath, Only Democrat Running Against Newsom In Recall, Worries California Will Be Bankrupt In 20 YearsPaffrath, who has two children, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, said he wants to prevent what he sees as dire economic consequences for the state before his children become adults. 
Voters Express Concerns Over Gas Prices, Homelessness, Vaccines In Northridge And PasadenaAt California State University, Northridge, and Pasadena City College, where voters came out to vote in the recall, people had strong feelings about the election. 
Recall Update: 'Polls Don't Vote, People Vote'; Gov. Gavin Newsom's Fate In Hands Of VotersWhether the post-pandemic new normal will include Gov. Gavin Newsom will be decided Tuesday as millions of Californians cast votes in a recall election over his policies and leadership.
Thousands Of Angelenos Hit Polling Centers Across LA County For Tuesday Recall ElectionLos Angeles County election officials have opened 253 vote centers for people to vote in Tuesday's gubernatorial recall election.
President Biden Holds Long Beach Campaign Rally With Gov. Newsom On Eve Of Recall ElectionThis marked Biden’s first visit to the Golden State since becoming president.
California Recall: Many Voters Ready To Put Recall In Rearview MirrorOn the eve of Election Day, many voters have already mailed in their ballots. While a few polls give Governor Newsom a double-digit lead, some are hoping Tuesday brings a change they feel the state needs.
Biden Puts Power of Presidency on Display Ahead of California RecallHe wants Californians to view leading Republican challenger Larry Elder as a ‘Donald Trump clone.’