LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A mother is accusing the Torrance Police Department of not breathalyzing the LA County Sheriff’s Deputy who was behind the wheel in the deadly crash that killed her 23-year-old daughter Ashley Wells.

“It’s very painful that I will never have a chance to see her smile again,” said Lanora Wells.

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But Lanora Wells is still dedicated to watching over Ashley.

“It’s important for me, as her mother, to fight for her, because she’s not here to fight for herself.”

23-year-old Ashley Wells was killed in a horrendous high speed crash in Torrance in July 2020. The man behind the wheel – Daniel Auner – was an off duty LA County Sheriff’s Deputy. He was later arrested and charged with murder.

But Ashley’s mother says that’s not enough, she wants the officers who responded to the scene investigated as well. Ashley allegedly took videos of the then Deputy taking shots at a bar before he caused the crash.

Yet he’s not facing DUI chargers – Lanora says that’s because officers on scene failed to give Auner a field sobriety test.

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“There was never a sobriety test done because he had an open bleeding gash on his forehead. He murdered our daughter.”

And Lanora says by the time Auner’s blood alcohol was measured, two hours had passed, so his blood alcohol content was just under the legal limit.

“You don’t get any special privileges because you’re a police officer,” said Wells.

Ashley’s best friend couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer.” said Sarina Ferlazzo, who was also a victim in the crash. But now she fears she won’t be able to after going deaf in one ear.

“If I was a cop, I think it should be the same punishment. I think it’s ridiculous,” said Ferlazzo.

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But she says her family and her friends have already seen Auner treated as if he’s above the law.