By CBSLA Staff

REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) — A security camera captured the madness outside the Ragin Cajun in Redondo Beach as deliberately rams into the restaurant’s manager.

“I was angry,” said Lisa Briton Hodges, who owns the Ragin Cajun with her husband Steve. “I was angry. I mean who could do this to anybody? It was very intentional. All of our crew is like family.”

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The couple said that the two people in the Chrysler that ended up launching the manager more than 10 yards away, attempted to skip out on their $90 bill.

According to the Hodges, they have seen an increase in dine-and-dashes especially with the emergence of outdoor seating.

“They were ordering some higher-priced items such as our crab, our steak and lobster,” said Lisa.

The owners claim that the two suspects asked for to-go boxes before they ran into their getaway vehicle, a maroon or burgundy Chrysler. The vehicle is believed to be from the late 1980s or early 1990s. In an attempt to stop the two suspects, jumped over hay bales and confronted them as they began to drive away in their car. The suspects then carried the manager close to the road before he was thrown to the sidewalk. The suspects then fled down the Pacific Coast Highway.

“We don’t tell our employees to go chasing people down,” said Steve. “And get in front of a moving car.”

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The manager suffered minor injuries, some cuts and bruises, after being tossed out onto the sidewalk.

One suspect is described as a woman standing about 5 feet 3 inches tall with brown hair and weighing about 140 pounds. The other suspect was a man about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with braids and weighing about 170.

The Hodges hope that with the public’s help they can prevent this from

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happening to other businesses.

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“It’s not about us — necessarily,” said Lisa. “It’s about protecting one another. And helping each other, building each other up to be successful and protect one another.”