By CBSLA Staff

ORANGE COUNTY (CBSLA) — The Omicron variant of COVID-19  has swept through the region, driving many to testing sites to celebrate responsibly this holiday season.

“Omicron is going to spread like wildfire,” said Dr. Tanya Dall, from Providence Mission Hospital. “It is so incredibly contagious  — so much more than the Delta variant and the other variants we’ve been seeing.”

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(credit: CBS)

In anticipation of the holiday season, many residents have flocked to testing sites to ensure they won’t pass it on to their friends and family during gatherings. 

“I found it online,” said Mission Viejo Rhea Hinojosa. “It’s pretty easy. You can call or just walk in and they’ll do the testing for you free of charge.”

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While some have had trouble getting tested at their local pharmacies, there are many testing facilities throughout the county. The county also offers testing kits that can be shipped to your home.

“We searched around CVS, Walgreens everything is booked because it’s the holidays,”  said Lake Forest resident Taylor Geary. 

Many stores are also selling out of at-home testing kits, with CBSLA’s Michele Gile finding several empty shelves that were once stocked full of rapid tests. 

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Those hoping to get tested can find more information at the Orange County health website.