By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — In 2020 protesters marched in the streets to demand defunding the police, briefly gaining support from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the city council. 

However, the Los Angeles Police Department got more funding. On Tuesday the police commission is set to vote on increasing the LAPD budget once again.

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“It’s a political hot potato right now to talk about police funding,” said Loyola Law Professor and political analyst, Jessica Levinson. “There are a lot of people in law enforcement and other residents in Los Angeles who are saying, ‘Violent crime is increasing. this is no time to try and skimp when it comes to public safety.’ Obviously, people on the other side are saying – ‘why is the solution to every problem more police funding – we need to put funding into preventative measures.’”

The Los Angeles Police Department is seeking a 12% increase as violent crime increases. 

“Murders are skyrocketing,” said Detective Jamie McBride. “We haven’t seen murders like this since the 1990’s.” 

McBride is the director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union which represents LAPD officers. 

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“Right now the LAPD is investigating over 110 follow home robberies,” he added. “They follow you home and then they do a home invasion robbery. Those are the worst of the worst.”

McBride also said since the calls to defund the police, LAPD has lost 500 officers and are poised to lose even more. They are also struggling to recruit new police officers. McBride added that at its current capacity the LAPD could not keep the area safe during the Olympics.

However, some want the money to be spread to different social services and agencies believing that pouring more money into the LAPD budget won’t drive the crime down

“What we’ve learned over the years is that police don’t keep us safe — resources keep us safe,”  said Baba Akili from Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. “Because if you look at the communities that are well resourced, they don’t have police.” 

BLM LA and Akili said more investments need to be spent on social services programs.

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“For every dollar that we put into the police force that’s one less dollar that we have to deal with the homeless program,” Akili added. “For every dollar that we put into the police — that’s one less dollar we have for after-school programs.”