By CBSLA Staff

ST. LOUIS (CBSLA) – A St. Louis woman and her dogs were spooked when all of a sudden, she heard a voice ring through her Furbo dog camera.

For the past five years, Angela Cuniberti has used the camera to keep an eye on her pets when she’s not home. The camera also disperses dog treats.

Recently though, something else came out of it.

“I was walking and I heard a man’s voice say, “hey beautiful,” Cuniberti said. “I basically freaked out. I thought somebody came into my house. My dogs started barking like crazy.”

A security expert said once hackers connect to your camera, they can access your internet router and your computer.

The company said in a statement that Furbo takes secuirty very seriously, and that the hackers likely hacked into Cuniberti’s WIFI.