By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – According to the California Franchise Tax Board, many qualifying Californians are eligible to receive the second Golden State Stimulus check in the coming weeks. Nearly $555 million in payments will be distributed statewide, part of the $100 billion “California Comeback Plan.”

The “California Comeback Plan” is the largest state tax rebate in American history, aimed at those families who may have been affected most by the coronavirus pandemic.

The first batch of checks was sent out in late August, with 30,000 more going out on Friday. The state is expecting to issue checks through the beginning of 2022 for all 780,000+ residents of the Golden State who fit the terms.

It is important to note, that those who received a check for the first GSS will not receive a second check, unless they have claimed dependents on their 2020 taxes. Those tax returns needed to have been turned in by October 15.

Those who qualify should expect $600. Additionally, those who claimed a credit for one or more dependents may receive $1,100.

If you filed your tax return electronically, you can expect to see the stimulus payment sooner than those who filed by mail.

This is the second Golden State Stimulus aimed at Californians who have an annual income of less than $75,000. The first stimulus was issued in July 2021.

To see if you qualify for the GSS II, you can visit the Franchise Tax Board Estimator here.