By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Sanitation workers cleared another large homeless encampment in Venice Wednesday, but neighbors, both housed and unhoused, are concerned the clearing will not last.

While notices announced the cleanup and “No Parking” signs warning residents that their cars would be towed if they were not moved, the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Homeless Services said the new rules would not be enforced. However, some residents are concerned about their safety 

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“It isn’t enough,” said resident Deborah Keaton. “This is only gonna last about 15 minutes and then he’s gonna come right back.”

The “he” Keaton refers to is the man that threatened to kill her husband Bob Gannon in September. The couple’s doorbell camera recorded the threat.

“I will kill your husband,” the man said.

(credit: CBS)

The same man assaulted another resident, David Mushegain, three years before. 

“I was attacked with a wrench,” said Mushegain. “My friend (was attacked) with a knife by somebody separately and we had to go to trial. [The attacker] went to jail for a small period of time.” 

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While the assailant spent a short time in jail, he returned to create a “crime den” as residents described. 

“We watch drug dealing in front of our face all day long, there’s burglary constantly,” said Mushegain. “I think the homeless people have been removed from this particular camp at least and now it’s simply just criminals left.” 

Unhoused residents also believe the area has gotten a lot more dangerous, as the so-called crime den attracts addicts and other seedy individuals.

“I think that the difference between being homeless and houseless is really whether you’re a part of your community or not,” said Rebecca Vincent, who refers to herself as houseless rather than homeless. “There are those who sit back and think that they have a right to do drugs and you know screw their lives off all day. They do, but they have the right to do it someplace else.” 

No matter what their living situation is, residents in the area agree a more permanent solution is needed.

“You can’t just put them in a house, they’re not ready for that but they do need services,” said Keaton. 

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According to homeless services, at least 5 people agreed to enter bridge housing later on Wednesday.