By CBSLA Staff

BARSTOW (CBSLA) – A man, yet to be identified by California Highway Patrol, was pronounced dead on Thursday October 14, after being hit by a semi truck on Interstate 15 – approximately 30 miles north of Barstow.

California Highway Patrol officers reported to the scene a little after 5AM, before the man was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

The man, 24 years old, was in a car with two other males at the time of the incident. The other two passengers were taken to Barstow Community Hospital to tend to minor injuries.

The driver of the car attempted to pass a semi truck on the right-hand shoulder of the road, unknowing that there was another semi truck parked there. The car, a 2022 Kia, made impact with the parked semi, throwing the victim out of the back window and onto I-15, into the lane where the semi truck they attempted to pass was driving.

Neither the driver nor passengers of the vehicle appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, and are not being considered a part of the CHP’s investigation.

This is the second fatal incident on this stretch of highway in the last two days, after a 28-year old Hesperia man was killed in a multi-car accident on October 13. The incidents are unrelated.