By CBSLA Staff

COMPTON (CBSLA) – Two giant lottery jackpots are up for grabs this weekend with both Powerball and Mega Millions offering up more than $400 million each for anyone with the right numbers.

A customer that purchased a lottery ticket Wednesday at the General Store in Compton won $2.5 million, matching all the number with the exception of the Powerball.

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“Woo, $2.5 million, that’s a jackpot for me. I don’t about anyone else,” lottery player Darrell Perkins said.

“Congratulations, somebody,” Sharon Steward, a lottery customer said. Asked if she thinks the winner could’ve been her neighbor, Steward said simply, “Well, they ain’t talking.”

The store’s owner gets a piece of the Wednesday’s lucky ticket, about $12,000, but those buying tickets now are hoping for their own win. With both Powerball and Mega Millions offering up more than $400 million each this weekend, most customers are playing both.

Asked why she’s purchasing lottery tickets Friday, Steward didn’t hesitate.

“Because I wanna be a winner. I’m going on 70-years-old, it’s my turn,” she said.

The line to buy lottery tickets at the Blue Bird in Hawthorn was out the door. Some of the hopefuls already know what they’d spend their winnings on, if they got the chance.

“I plan on winning it big, maybe a house or a yacht,” Vonna Pilot, who was buying tickets, said.

Maria Ansalmar felt the same.

” I don’t know, maybe a mansion?” she said.

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For others, a more practical approach seemed to make sense.

“Probably take care of a lot of bills that I have. The pandemic put a damper, like I said, on employment,” Phil Rivas, said.

“Number one, I’ll pay my tithe,” said Steward, “and then get a better house and then, my grandkids.”

While $2 tickets add up fast, customers buying their lottery tickets seemed to feel like it’s a small price to pay for a little hope and the chance of good luck.

“It’s worthy for somebody who needs it,” Rivas said.

“Everyone is here hoping for an opportunity to do better for their family,” said another lottery customer from her spot in the line.

It’s only been a few weeks since Powerball added a third drawing on Mondays, giving folks another chance to win and another jackpot.

The Mega Millions drawing happens Friday night, with Powerball’s on Saturday.


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