By CBSLA Staff

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE (CBSLA) — A Southern California mother is speaking out after the attack in Afghanistan that killed 13 Americans, reminiscent of when her son died in 2014 just weeks before he was set to return home from deployment.

News of the deadly attack at Kabul’s airport was a devastating echo for Gold Star mom Jaynie Studenmund.

Studenmund opened up about how excruciating the past few weeks have been and now on the heels of the attack, what it’s like knowing that other families are going through the same loss she’s been dealing with.

“Just watching what was unfolding… is somewhat like pulling a scab off a wound,” Studenmund said.

Military veterans and military families are reeling watching the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Studenmund’s son Scott, a Flintridge Prep alum and Green Beret, was killed in 2014 by friendly fire.

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She knows all too well the pain that is now engulfing 13 military families.

“I think it is one of the toughest assignments that the family of a service member can possibly ever have and it’s kind of unimaginable,” Studenmund said. “A piece of your heart is missing forever.”

As they mourn, they are also praying for these next days until the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline to pass without more loss of life.

“I think lots of times in our society people don’t know what to say to a Gold Star mother or what to say to a veteran and I think it’s a really important time not just to say thank you for your service but to say you really kept America safe,” Studenmund said.