By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — School just started, so naturally Halloween decorations and costumes are already in stores – but some experts think consumers should thinking even further ahead to Christmas.

The global supply chain remains unstable after being first disrupted by the start of the pandemic last year and has only gotten worse as the Delta variant continues to wreak havoc around the world. Then add to that the shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., and well-meaning gift givers may be left empty-handed this holiday season.

As a result, shoppers may want to consider setting aside more money for holiday shopping this year, and definitely should plan ahead for extra long ship times.

The compounding shortages have already backed up air terminals in Chicago, which has had delays up to two weeks to collect cargo. Closer to home, the Marine Exchange of Southern California reported 45 container ships waiting to berth at the Port of Los Angeles on Friday, a congestion problem that appears to be spreading to other ports in the country.