By CBSLA Staff

PASADENA (CBSLA) — As Pasadena Unified School District prepares to get students back in the classroom, there is an ongoing debate about whether vaccinates should be mandatory for everyone’s return.

“I am concerned that we are seven days out and we’re still asking those questions,” said Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo.

Gordo said he thinks the school district should follow the city’s lead making vaccinations mandatory for school employees.

“We also act as employers and we have the responsibility to offer the safest working environment and that’s what I’m asking the school district to do,” Gordo said.

Right now, COVID-19 testing is voluntary for students, teachers and staff in the district. But as cases are on the rise, many think more should be required.

With just a few days before the start of school, even students are confused about what to expect.

“I think it’s gonna be so exciting because there’s going to be lots of things to do but there’s a pandemic going on,” said fifth-grader Allison Tapia.

The board appeared to be leaning toward mandatory weekly testing for employees who are not vaccinated, but in the end, the board did not make a decision on a mandate. They talked about expanded testing and will discuss more at the next board meeting.

Right now, coronavirus testing is voluntary for teachers, students and staff in the district.