By CBSLA Staff

SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) — Real estate experts say it’s a home seller’s dream market as Southern California home sales have hit another record in June.

“We are getting 10 to 20 offers. Every single listing and a horde of buyers coming to each property and really putting their best for forward, way over list price,” said realtor Chris Williams.

The median home price in Southern California reached a record $680,000 last month, according to market research firm DQ News — up more than 22% from a year ago.

“I would say anything under $800,000 flies off the shelf, over a million has kind of become the new $700,000 so the $1 million and $1.4 million is fiery hot as well,” Williams said.

Williams said she’s been busy for decades, but in recent months, her schedule has been even more packed.

“I have some clients that moved into their motor home and lived in their motor home for months, waiting to find their new home, a lot of people living in temporary housing, doing whatever it takes to get their cash, so they, in turn, become solid, ready able willing buyers,” Williams said.

While this is a great market for sellers, for buyers, it’s a bit rocky.

Williams shared these tips: be very clear about why you are moving, what you want in a home and neighborhood, and have everything sorted out.