By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The storefronts of multiple businesses along a four-mile stretch of Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley were shot out by BB guns early Wednesday morning.

“It’s sad we now have to go backward instead of forward,” said Cameron Berta, who runs Ticket Dismissers in Woodland Hills.

The company was scheduled to open a new office in Tarzana next week but said it won’t be possible now.

“We were getting everything ready this week and now the computers are gone, and insurance we have to pay out of pocket until insurance pays us back,” said Berta. “Everything’s just a headache!”

July 7, 2021. (CBSLA)

Los Angeles police told CBSLA that one or more suspects shot out the windows of at least 19 businesses along Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills and Tarzana sometime before 5 a.m.

Some of the stores hit included The Carving Board Tarzana, Mi Casa Lighting & Fans and Knauer Pianos.

Ben Knauer, owner of Knauer Pianos, told CBSLA this isn’t the first time he’s had to replace a window or make repairs to some of his inventory.

“It’s a shame but you just get used to it, you realize it’s part of, you know, if you want to have a store that’s visible and people are going to see it, you put yourself at risk and you just got to be willing to pay for it,” Knauer said.

July 7, 2021. (CBSLA)

Several of the damaged businesses have security cameras. Investigators are reviewing the footage to see if the cameras caught an image of the suspect’s vehicle.

Taron Eliazaryan, owner of one of the Woodland Hills stores that were damaged, said he wants the suspect to know that even though no one was injured in the shootings, several small businesses were hurt at a time when they cannot afford it.

“They’re wasting their time, they’re hurting little mom-and-pop places that are trying to get by,” Eliazaryan said. “I mean, I have no words for it. It’s very stupid and very unnecessary.”

Los Angeles police are investigating. There was no immediate description of the suspect.