By CBSLA Staff

TORRANCE (CBSLA) — Another evacuation alert test along the beaches in Torrance will be conducted Thursday afternoon.

(credit: CBS)

The test will include sirens, flashing lights, and announcements in English and Spanish that will eventually be used to alert residents and beachgoers of emergencies like tsunamis, lightning, earthquakes, and sharks. “This is only a test” will be announced before any evacuation announcement.

The system, BEELS, is the first evacuation alert system of its kind in the world, according to LA County’s Department of Beaches & Harbors. The system includes white LED lights mounted on permanent structures and some lifeguard towers that will flash white – slowly for water-only evacuations, and quickly for a full water and beach evacuation.

Thursday’s test will take place tween 3 and 5 p.m. and at full volume. Due to the anticipated high decibel levels, people with sensitive hearing were urged to avoid the area during the test.