By CBSLA Staff

SEAL BEACH (CBSLA) — The outpouring of support continues for the Asian American widow living in Leisure World who was sent a racist, anti-Asian letter about her husband’s death.

The community’s corporation has now offered a $5,000 reward to help find the suspect, and the FBI is involved in the investigation too, using fingerprinting analysis and other resources to track down the individual.

“It’s hard to say where the suspect does actually reside but what’s interesting is that the suspect knew of the victim’s husband’s passing and unless you are a member of this community, it might be difficult to know,” said Seal Beach Police Lt. Nick Nicholas.

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People who live in the Leisure World community have pledged to have demonstrations all week long to drive the point home that racism and hate speech won’t be tolerated.

Leisure World’s Korean American Association held a rally Monday outside a community library.

“Out of 4,000 incidents that have been happening for almost a year, 44% happened in California,” said Seal Beach Rep. Michelle Steele.

Claudia Choi, the victim’s daughter, said she’s fed up with all the hate and violence against Asian Americans and that she hopes the person responsible will be held accountable.

“Do I think they’ll be caught? I’m not sure, but I hope they’re watching, and I hope they’re fearful because we’re doing everything we can to find them,” Choi said.