LOS ANGELES (CBS LA) – Jim Parsons became a household name in Hollywood when he played Sheldon Cooper on CBS’ “Big Bang Theory,” but he also recently revealed in an interview that he also auditioned for “The Office.”

Parsons told “The Dan Patrick Show” that he doesn’t remember if auditioned for the part of Jim Halpert or Dwight Schrute and explained why it’s important that the right actor gets booked for the right part.

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“I don’t remember, it was either Jim or Dwight,” said Parsons. “Which tells you exactly why I wasn’t right for it. There wasn’t a role that I was a ringer for. I knew Rainn Wilson and I knew John Krasinski and I think that’s why I can’t remember who it was because I knew whatever part it was, somebody I sort of vaguely knew got it.”

After “Big Bang Theory,” CBS spun off the series and created “Young Sheldon,” which airs on Thursday nights. While Parsons didn’t get either role on “The Office,” things ended up working out for the actor on CBS where he won multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globes for his portrayal Cooper. Parsons knows he was the perfect person to play Cooper and that’s why he didn’t have a hard time when he missed out on snagging a part on the hit series about Dunder Mifflin.

“Did you know you were the right person for Big Bang Theory?” asked Patrick.

“Yeah. I didn’t know what they would think, but I knew that I felt I would be in the final mix. With The Office, this just shows how stupid I am about Hollywood. I thought what a dumb idea for a show. If we wanted a show about an office in America, we would’ve done it already. I was wrong and I have no foresight with things like that.”

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Parsons said if he got the role on “The Office,” he never would’ve gotten the role of Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory.”