HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — Some schools in Huntington Beach will be returning to in-person learning for the first time in one year.

Ten campuses in the Ocean View School District will send students back to the classroom full-time on March 29.

“If you’re currently in hybrid, you could have your kids back here not just two days but five days a week in front of your teacher learning and getting direct, in-person, live instruction,” said Gina Clayton-Tarvin with the Ocean View School Board.

District families who live in Huntington Beach, Westminster, Fountain Valley and Midway City can remain in the district’s virtual academy, but for the others, the hybrid schedule will disappear.

“We were so happy for our kids to know that they’re going to be back in school five days,” said parent Maureen Putnam. “They ask me every day if they can go back to school and when is that going to happen. They’ve missed so much. Miss their friends and their teacher. I think it’s just going to be amazing for the kids to be back in school.”

Before this happens, classrooms will be set up to abide by the physical distancing requirements.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said students must be three feet apart, but in California, the rule is to keep them four feet away from each other.

The physical size of each classroom will dictate how many students can be accommodated.

Ocean View is using stimulus money to hire 30 new teachers.

“Some of the classrooms will have to be modified to ensure that we can fit the right number of students depending on the class size. So, there will be an additional number of staff, teachers, specifically that will need to be hired so that we can meet those requirements,” said Patricia Singer, President Ocean View School Board.