By CBSLA Staff

BIG BEAR LAKE (CBSLA) — Fans of Big Bear Lake’s eagles Jackie and Shadow are on “pip watch” as the couple’s fourth and fifth eggs of the year are expected to hatch.

According to Friends of Big Bear, a pip “is the first hole the eaglet makes in the eggshell.”

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“During the first few weeks of development, the chick develops an egg tooth at the top of its beak. Using this egg tooth, the eaglet breaks through the internal membrane into the air cell, taking its first breath of air. At this point, the eaglet can peep. Watch the adults stare at the egg. They may be hearing peeping coming from the egg.”

Jackie and Shadow have been nesting in a tree above Big Bear Lake since December. Their fans have been able to keep an eye on the eagle’s progress via webcam.

The first egg was laid on February 8, the second egg was laid on February 11, Friends of Big Bear said.

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(credit: Friends Of Big Bear)

Prior to these eggs, the couple’s first two eggs of this year were lost to ravens, and the third egg was broken as it was being laid, according to the Friends of Big Bear. But on Monday afternoon, Jackie laid the first egg of her second clutch.

The egg was expected to hatch around March 15 but was still uncracked as of March 16.

The live stream was down on the expected due date because of bad weather in the area. It was expected to be back up after sunrise the following day.

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Donations to support the eagles and the eagle cam can be made here.