LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A new vaccine tier opens up on Monday: people with preexisting conditions and disabilities will be eligible for the shot.

But it’s unclear what sort of proof – if any – they will need.

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Sporting events and concerts are two of the things Denise Reich has missed the most. Because she is immune compromised and has a heart condition, she has only left her house for doctor’s appointments since March of 2020.

“When you get to the point to when you cannot see anyone, no visitors, can’t hug a friend, or take a walk on the beach or do anything you did before the pandemic, it really wears away at you,” she said.

But hope is on the horizon. Reich qualifies for the next round of vaccine eligibility.

Starting Monday, people under 65 with conditions such as type 2 diabetes, pregnancy, heart conditions, intellectual disabilities, cancer and obesity will be able to get the vaccine. About 4 million people statewide. Most counties will not require a doctor’s note.

Andy Imparato is the executive director of Disability Rights California.

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“Once I get the shot, and I am fully vaccinated, I am just going to look forward to a walk around the block. I want to see the beach again,” he said.

Worried about fraud, Los Angeles County is encouraging medical documentation like a doctor’s note, but not requiring it.

Dr. Paul Simon with LA County Public Health says this will be a very challenging group.

“We don’t feel like our front-line staff are in a position to screen and make decision about who or who isn’t eligible,” he said. “I think if someone simply attests to the fact that they have a serious condition or disability they will be approved for vaccination. We urge people not to take advantage of that.”

In both Orange and Riverside counties, you will not be asked for proof of your condition or disability, but you may need to sign a document essentially saying you’re not lying.

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