By CBSLA Staff

SANTA CLARITA (CBSLA) — Brooklynn, a business owner, had an appointment scheduled in a Santa Clarita neighborhood, but when she arrived, she was confronted by a woman in front of the gated community.

A vicious confrontation in Santa Clarita was captured on cell phone camera. (Credit: Brooklynn)

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“[She] jumps out of her car and comes running around to the side of my car and starts screaming at me,” Brooklyn, who asked that her last name not be used, said. “Her husband is laying on the horn, beeping at me, and she yells, ‘Do you even live here?'”

Startled and scared, Brooklynn had no idea what to do.

“She looks at me dead in the eyes and goes, ‘Ew, you are disgusting. You don’t belong here,'” Brooklynn said. “And then I go, ‘No, my gate code just isn’t working.'”

The woman then got in front of Brooklynn’s car, but Brooklynn managed to get around the couple and took off.

“I definitely do think I was racially targeted,” Brooklynn said. “You know, for her to use words such as disgusting and to physically block me from getting into their neighborhood when I’ve never met them before, didn’t do anything to them.”

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As Brooklynn drove away from the confrontation, she noticed a man in a Jeep had started to follow her. He remained behind her all the way to the home of Nick Perle, who had an appointment with her.

“He sees me, and he steps on the acceleration and swerves toward me — guns into my side of the street as I’m walking,” Perle said. “And I jump out of the way, I put my arm out and sort of try to hop out of the way as far as I could. I got my body out of the way, but he got my left arm.”

The driver then took off, which is when Perle and his fiancée posted the video to social media asking for help identifying the people involved.

Messages started pouring in, with neighbors alleging that the people involved were also responsible for a racial rant that went viral over the summer.

“Granted I got hit with the car, but I feel like that what they did to her — she’s an 18 year-old-girl — so traumatic,” Perle said.

“I personally feel like I am a good person and just to be judged by how I look really hit me hard,” Brooklynn said.

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Perle filed a report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department which is investigating the alleged crime as an assault with a deadly weapon. Brooklynn was unable to file a report since what happened to her was not considered a crime.