By CBSLA Staff

BIG BEAR (CBSLA) — Shortly after Big Bear’s resident bald eagle laid her first egg of 2021, the egg was preyed on by ravens, Friends of Big Bear announced Thursday.

According to Friends of Big Bear, the mother eagle, known as Jackie, laid the egg around 5:41 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6.

By Thursday afternoon, Friends of Big Bear announced on their Facebook page that the egg was preyed on while Jackie was away.

“We are all very sad to report that the egg Jackie laid yesterday was preyed on by ravens this afternoon while Jackie was away from the nest,” the nonprofit said.

Based on the past couple of years, Friends of Big Bear expected a second egg in the next couple of days. They still believe another egg could be laid despite losing the first egg.

“There is a possibility that Jackie will lay another egg within a couple of days. The only thing we can do now is observe,” Friends of Big Bear said. ”

The incubation period is 35 days from the second egg, so it is believed a chick could hatch around Valentine’s Day.

A livestream of the nest can be watched on the Big Bear Lake Bald Eagles Nest Cam which is set up and operated through the Friends of Big Bear.

Donations to support the eagles and the eagle cam can be made here.