By CBSLA Staff

YORBA LINDA (CBSLA) — Bernadette Hernandez is a fighter.

One day, 9-month-old Arianna Hernandez will learn all that her mother went through during her pregnancy and postpartum.

A cancer diagnosis, two rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and — to top it off — COVID-19.

For the Hernandez family, there is so much to celebrate this holiday season after an extremely difficult year.

Chemotherapy is rare for pregnant women, but Bernadette’s doctor — Dr. Krish Tewari, UC Irvine Director of Gynecologic Oncology — said Arianna suffered no negative health effects.

“It’s a real problem — cancer and pregnancy — because there’s so many issues,” Tewari said. “There’s issues with the baby, issues with the mother’s health, the timing of delivery, the route of delivery.”

Hernandez fought ovarian cancer, which Tewari said is challenging in and of itself.

“It requires very complicated chemotherapy and very complex surgery,” he said.

Bernadette, 31, is a fitness coach. She stayed strong physically and mentally during her last rounds of chemo, training  for a body building competition.

Two months ago, she won five medals in the So Cal Classic — first place in women’s athletic and scored in the top three in the bikini competition.

But, the best news of all is her cancer is in remission.

“It’s definitely been a challenging year,” Bernadette said. “I just stayed strong. There are times where, you know, it gets very tough and I have to just remind myself, ‘Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Stay strong. Get through this.'”