By CBSLA Staff

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A big dog who got stuck in a small window needed a helping hand to get free Wednesday.

(credit: Riverside County Animal Services)

The 8-year-old dog, whose name Chiquilin means childish or little in Spanish, apparently became stuck in an iron bathroom window frame just after 7 a.m. Wednesday at All Car #1 Auto Repair in Jurupa Valley.

Two animal control officers from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services were called out to help the dog, who seemed to have lost his paw-hold after getting its front legs over the ledge of the high window. The dog was left stuck after getting his left rear leg through the window opening, but on the other side of the window grille.

An employee said the dog must have accidentally locked himself in the bathroom and tried to escape through the window. But in his escape attempt, Chiquilin was apparently injured in its struggle to get through the window, leaving blood spatters on the yellow wall beneath it.

The two animal control officers were able to get Chiquilin down by removing the screws of the ornamental iron frame, but even then were not able to free the dog from the frame yet because he had wedged himself in too tight. Once they got Chiquilin to the Jurupa Valley shelter, where they planned to use a power saw on the frame, the dog managed to get himself out on his own, according to spokesman John Welsh.

The dog is now in the care of Riverside County Animal Services.