By CBSLA Staff

FULLERTON (CBSLA) — Year-round, the need is high for food supply among families in need throughout the Southland, but now, with jobs impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, more people are seeking out assistance.

The holidays adds on an extra layer of need for those experiencing economic strain, so a Fullerton restaurant is continuing its family legacy of giving back to the community.

The kitchen staff at the restaurant, Garcia’s South Of The Border, hosted a turkey dinner on Monday evening.

“A lot of people who need a hot meal. that’s what we’re all about it’s a family restaurant and we’re all about giving back to the community,” said Al Cicernos, co-owner of Garcia’s South Of The Border.

Mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, and 43 turkeys were getting prepared.

The stuffing, which is a secret family recipe was cooked by the restaurant co-owner Frankie Garcia, the son of Frank Garcia, who is known for feeding thousands of people in need in Orange County each Thanksgiving.

On Monday night, Frankie headed the inaugural “We Believe In Giving,” which is made possible in part by a group of local business owners who have formed something called Orange County Community Resource Services.

For those unable to make it in-person on Monday, volunteers will deliver food.

“There’s a lot of people here in the retirement homes that are in their home by themselves and they have no kitchen nowhere to eat and no family. We’re going to bring it to them,” said Ronald Trudell of the O.C. Community Resource Services.

“There was a drive-thru service too. Garcia’s South Of The Border has enough food for 1,000 people and if it runs out, the plan is to make tacos rice, and beans.