By CBSLA Staff

WILLOWBROOK (CBSLA) — Susan Clay and her family were heartbroken after their Yorkie, Jackson, was taken from outside their Willowbrook home on Thursday morning.

Jackson, a 7-year-old Yorkie, was taken from outside of his Willowbrook home on Thursday. (Susan Clay photo)

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“We’re just devastated,” Clay said. “He’s like a child, he’s a family member. It’s like a child being kidnapped from you.”

A neighbor’s security camera from across the street caught what happened after the 5 pound, 7-year-old dog escaped from the family’s yard through a small opening in the front gate.

“For about three and a half minutes, she’s chasing him,” Clay said. “So this was definitely something that she was pursuing to take him.”

Clay said the unknown woman tried to get Jackson to stop with food at the corner of East 126th Street and South Central Avenue.

“She follows him and she comes here and she drops the bowl on the ground,” Clay said. “And that’s when he went for the food, and that’s when she grabs him, and you can see it very clearly in the video.”

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A woman was caught on security camera video taking the 5 pound pup. (Security video)

Clay’s family has been putting up flyers and checking pounds and shelters, but have not been able to find their beloved pup.

“He’s got issues with his teeth, and he just needs soft food. He cannot eat soft food,” Clay said. “Just the thoughts of what could be happening to him, and where he could be, they’re awful.”

The woman in the video was seen getting into a burgundy Kia Optima being driven by another person.

“Just bring my dog back, you’re thieves and there’s a grand theft warrant out for your arrest,” Clay said. “Just bring him back, no questions asked.”

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Anyone with information was asked to call the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Clay is offering a $2,000 reward for Jackson’s safe return. She can be reached at 323-877-6859.