SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) – Two brothers were shot and killed during a party at a San Bernardino apartment complex Sunday night.

Dondre Marquis Sneed (left) and Deandre Lee Sneed. (San Bernardino PD)

The shooting occurred in the 900 block of North Sierra Way at around 8:30 p.m.

San Bernardino police were called to the scene to find both brothers lying in the street near the apartment complex.

Dondre Marquis Sneed, 26, died at the scene. His bother, Deandre Lee Sneed, 33, was rushed to a hospital, where he also died.

No suspect information has been released and the circumstances of the killings were unclear.

There was no word on a motive or whether the slayings were gang related.

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  1. Joe says:

    Sucks people were shot but I don’t under why people feel the need to attend parties during a pandemic. Just saying. You might be alive if you stayed home that night…

    1. Paul S Martinez says:

      Hello its e-z to loot..You have to be a bun head boy..go back to your Yoga…

    2. Paul S Martinez says:

      Wasn’t that suppose to happen at at 2 am ..well most of the time..I guess they are getting more brave with the defunded police…its the extortion neighbor or die…the more brave deal comes out of hiding…

      1. duchess39 says:

        Boomer Boomer sad you would say such a thing but I guess you having Neanderthal DNA you know know better when your kind sets bombs and shoot up church people praying

  2. Well, Happy Birthday anyway ! Did the lovely gathering start out as a wonderful family occasion?
    I bet not. Most likely rapping and ganging and druggin’.
    Worthless people.

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