By CBSLA Staff

BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — Loud and proud, supporters of President Donald Trump came out in large numbers on Saturday to speak out about what they believe is election fraud that led to the projection of Joe Biden winning the presidency.

Trump has been tweeting that he won the election with “legal” votes and claimed observers were not allowed to do their job — posts which were flagged by Twitter for being misleading. 

“I think there needs to be more clarity,” said Trump supporter Scott Casterano. “There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air and every legitimate vote should count.”

His supporters have been standing behind the unfounded accusations of widespread election interference and still believe they’ll get four more years of a Trump presidency.

“There’s just so much coming out and it’s all leaning toward one side,” said Trump supporter Joey Saladino. “There’s no one count of voter fraud coming out to favor Trump. Everything coming out, it always favors one side.”

About 400 people gathered in Beverly Hills as part of the pro-Trump demonstration, a site which had been the location for weekly rallies in support of the president leading up to the election.

Participants planned to march along street near Beverly Gardens Park, but an unlawful assembly was declared and they dispersed a short time after.

Some streets were blocked in the area but they’ve all since been reopened to drivers and pedestrians, police said.

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