EASTVALE (CBSLA) — Local supporters of the president Friday said they think he has an honest shot at winning reelection, believing that the process itself is dishonest.

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered at Ronald Reagan Sports Park in Temecula after traveling in a freeway caravan Nov. 1. (Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“Oh, hell yeah,” one voter said enthusiastically. “Don’t tell me the odds.”

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Confidence was still soaring among some of those who voted for President Donald Trump, but voter Chris Rader felt that the only way the president could win reelection was if “they’ll look deeper into what happened,” with the ballot counting process.

Nearly all those who support the president and spoke with CBS Los Angeles Friday said they believe that fraudulent votes will likely force him out of office — a belief repeated by the president himself, despite a complete lack of evidence.

“If I had assurance in the mail-in ballots, then I would be fine,” Jaret Slack, a voter, said. “I would be like, ‘Hey, Biden won. OK, great.'”

But after hearing all of the claims made by the president about mail-in ballots, without evidence, Slack said he was not confident in the process.

“You hear of all these inconsistencies, and it’s like, this is our country on the line,” he said.

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“The numbers don’t add up,” Savannah Rader, a voter, said. “So, something’s wrong.”

She said that as she watches the predominantly Democratic votes trickle into key states needed by the president to take the lead back from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, she feels that it has less to do with the legal process of counting mail-in ballots — which the president discouraged his supporters from using — and more to do with a Democratic effort to silence Republicans.

“I feel like I want my voice heard, I feel like the person next to me needs to have their voice heard, my neighbors around me, regardless of who they voted for,” she said. “It needs to be fair. And it needs to be done properly.”

Adding to the confusion tonight, the president said Biden should not claim victory, stating that he could easily do the same thing — despite trailing in a number of key states.