RANCHO CUCAMONGA (CBSLA) — Louis Ramos does not always fly a flag showcasing his support of President Donald Trump in the back of his truck, because he is worried that it will be vandalized.

A Rancho Cucamonga voter flies a flag in support of President Donald Trump from the back of his truck. (CBSLA)

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“I know that someone’s gonna try to destroy my truck,” he said. “I’ve been called so many things just because I support our president.”

But on Thursday night, Ramos was proudly standing by the president in what has turned into a legal fight for reelection as Trump continues to claim, without evidence, that Democrats are casting illegal votes to steal the election.

“I think there is, there’s some illegal stuff going on,” Leo Vignadiceo, a voter, said. “The whole Sharpie-gate thing.”

A self-described military brat, Vignadiceo said he hopes Trump still has a shot at winning the key states he needs, because he believes Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will try to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

“It’s gonna be chaos,” he said. “I’m part of the gun community, and I see what’s going on. They’re not taking our guns.”

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“Trump is helping out military,” Ileen Walker, a voter, said. “Like what if [my son] wants to be in the military?”

Walker and her husband Donovan said they felt safe putting their family in Trump’s hands for the next four years.

“The truth will be revealed, and it’s gonna all come to pass,” Reba Leyva, a voter, said.

But as the world anxiously watches the battle over ballots, Ramos said people have to remember to find common ground.

“If we’re at war with another country, it doesn’t matter if that guy is Black, white or purple, whatever,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if he’s Democrat, Republican, Independent, I’m gonna stand right next to him, and fight with him, cause he’s my fellow American.”

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Though the president has not provided evidence for his claims of widespread voter fraud, those who support him and talked to CBS Los Angeles said they have seen videos and have heard stories from friends about ballots being thrown out, so they believe it.