WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — All eyes remained on the presidential election in West Hollywood Thursday night.

Supporters of Joe Biden Thursday criticized statements made by President Donald Trump. (CBSLA)

“We have Pennsylvania and Georgia, Arizona and Nevada in the bag,” Jeremy Stark, a voter, said. “I’m not cautious, I’m very optimistic. I’m very hopeful.”

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But on Thursday evening, as ballots were still being counted in contentious battleground states, President Donald Trump once again questioned the integrity of the election, without evidence.

“It’s very sad that a leader would take that viewpoint on such a really, really democratic moment,” Jordan Baldry, a voter, said.

Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden heavily criticized Trump’s speech, calling it divisive at a time when the county is already so divided.

“It’s so counterintuitive, it’s so anti-American, it’s so anti what our country is all about,” Elliott Rosenbaum, a voter, said. ”

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“It was a disservice to the country, especially people who were on the line to vote for him or to vote for Joe Biden,” Stark said.

“We want every voice to be heard, no matter what side, no matter if it’s a red vote or a blue vote or a Kanye vote,” Tom Kent, a voter, said.

But no matter who wins this year’s election, some worry that the president’s actions and remarks could have a lasting impact on future races.

“It doesn’t necessarily make me worried about how divided the country is,” Baldry said. “It makes me really worried about the democratic process. These votes are in no way illegal.”

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Many buildings in the region remained boarded up Thursday ahead of a final decision.