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BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — Police are seeking public help to identify six to eight hate crime suspects accused of making pro-Armenia comments and attacking employees inside a popular Beverly Hills Turkish restaurant.

Security video from Cafe Istanbul shows a man throwing items at the restaurant. (Security Video)

“They were saying, ‘We are here to kill Turks,’ and ‘We hate you guys, you guys must die,’ and a lot of other death threats,” an employee who did not want his name released said.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday at a restaurant in the 300 block of South Beverly Drive, near Gregory Way, according to Lt. Max Subin of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

According to Subin, six to eight men between the ages of 20 and 30 entered the restaurant, made pro-Armenia statements at the employees, destroyed property inside the establishment and attacked employees both inside and in an outdoor alley.

The victims sustained minor injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene, but detectives did not provide further information about them.

Surveillance footage was being reviewed to identify the suspects, Subin said.

“The BHPD is investigating this unacceptable act of hate and violence,” said Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman. “There is no place in our city for this behavior, and we ask members of the public to please come forward with any information on the suspects in this case.”

The owners of the restaurant said they were still assessing how much damage was done, but said that they would have to remain closed for at least another few days.

“We are a small business,” the employee said. “We are barely trying to keep business with the COVID, and now this is adding on top, causing more destruction.”

Anyone with information about the suspects was urged to call the Beverly Hills Police Department at 310-285-2125. Those wishing to remain anonymous can text BEVHILLSPD followed by the tip to 888777 or call 800-222- TIPS.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    As an American, this makes me hate Armenians. If that was the goal of the attack, then, good job, guys. Now I hate your people.

    1. Joe says:

      I bet they have Armenian flags on their cars. What an overly aggressive culture. I bet these guys were Armenian Power which is a mafia organization.

    2. RussianArt says:

      This stunt reeks of an inside job from the Turkish government. This story will be plastered all over their state-run dictator news stations. BHPD should investigate the shop owner for connection and payments from the Turkish consulate on Wilshire

  2. Wiltz Alla says:

    Wow!!!Just like that you hate Armenians!!! What happened to innocent until proven guilty??

  3. Wiltz says:

    I’m sorry buy you two guys sound (Fed up and Joe ) like you know the restaurant owner. Way to quick to say you hate and the other one talking about mafia. Wow!! easy, easy. It o.k. when they get caught then make comments. This story sounds fishy and you guys don’t seem on the up and up either. Im just saying!!

  4. Travis Ramos says:

    This is typical Armenian hatred. Armenians in Los Angeles are a big problem with the violence and hate they have. Seven to ten idiots running into a restaurant and trying to attack two women and two men. These people are not even men. They should be ashamed of themselves. It is true, this kind of acts make us hate it Wiltz!

    1. Jacob Moore says:

      You’re just racist Travis, it’s okay. If you believe this story, then I have a bridge to sell you.

  5. Jacob Moore says:

    Turkish/Azeri propaganda at its finest. This is an inside job orchestrated by the Turks/Azeri’s to stifle support of Armenians from the United States and other Western countries. This shop owner will receive a large pay check from the Turkish/Azeri consulate, then they will file an insurance claim and receive another large check, all the while painting all Armenians as hateful and violent. Great strategy, especially during a pandemic with restaurants being hit hard. And the news media is buying it hook, line, and sinker. Have you seen any Turkish or Azeri rally’s calling for peace? That’s right, you don’t. You only see Armenians rally and call for peace constantly while the Turks and Azeri are continuing committing genocide.

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