By CBSLA Staff

ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — Voters in Orange County Sunday made their way to Influence Church in Anaheim to cast their ballots in-person.

It was one of several pop-up voting sites allowing votes to be cast ahead of Election day.

So far, according to the Registrar’s office, voter turn-out in O.C. was estimated at 61 percent.

“In retrospect, I would have done it last weekend if I had known how easy it was,” said Christine Ludovico, a voter.

“Everyone is taking it seriously this time, whereas before, they would have said, ‘Oh, let’s have someone else take care of it.’ Now, I think everyone is saying that they want to be counted,” said Eric Ludovico, another voter.

For more information on in-person voting sites in O.C., click here.


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