By CBSLA Staff

BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — Like officials, residents and even the candidates themselves, Los Angeles businesses are taking unprecedented measures to prepare for Election Day.

Along the famous Rodeo Drive, and throughout other parts of the affluent Beverly Hills area, many businesses have boarded up their windows, installed anti-graffiti films and put up barriers to help protect against potential looting in response to the election results.

“I saw them like doing this since earlier during the day and I saw everyone boarding up and I’m like wow,” said Beverly Hills resident Isaiah Anguiano.

There was widespread unrest following the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed by Minneapolis police. That has prompted officials to prepare for possible disturbances again. The level of preparation seen in Beverly Hills is also taking place in other parts of L.A. County, and nationwide as well.

“(I’m) grateful to be in the United States of America and horrified that we have to go through this and I’m shocked, God willing it’s all protective and it won’t be necessary,” said one Brentwood resident about the level of precautions businesses are taking.
Along the Santa Monica coast, reinforcements were seen going up on restaurants, apartment buildings, and shops.
Locals say the tensions in the country don’t make such actions at all shocking, but rather, necessary.
“I think the stores are wise to board up, I think there is going to be trouble during the election,” said Santa Monica resident Julie Desnick.
The Insurance Information Institute says businesses in the United States have faced upwards of $900 million in insured losses this year from vandalism during protests.